Clara, 16.

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Wednesday, November 17
posted at 12:29 AM

Excellent day, if not for the rain.
First time kite-flying, one word- AWESOME.
But our kite keep going to one side LOL.
Flying in 12 hours' time( hope by the time anyone sees this, it's too late MUAHAHAHA)
Au revoir, people!
Okay, I might update when I get there.

Heathrow, here I come! <3


Monday, November 15
posted at 10:55 PM

Freedom is sweet!
I've been on a whirlwind ride filled with shopping, food, shopping, get it.
Visited places like art museum, toy museum, bugis street, etc.
Nothing short of fun, definitely. *twinkles*
I'm on a mission to revive all the love I've kept hidden for the past 3 years,
in a bid to get in touch with my inner self.
Sounds so yoga right, I know.

Summary of my upcoming joys:

-Virgin Barrage experience tomorrow!!!
-Flying on Wednesday!
-Meeting Ying in London(:
-Christmas in NYC<3

Excited? Don't know about you, but I sure am hehehehe (: